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The following Arborvitae resources are available for Chemists and Health Food stores to use. Where claims are being made in any advertising for Arborvitae products, please remember to use the Compliance Statement outlined below.

Instruction Leaflets

Arborvitae Joint Health Click here

Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing Supplement Click here

Arborvitae Cognitive Function, Memory and Eye Health Click here

Arborvitae Teenager Immune Boost and Concentration Supplement Click here

Arborvitae for Kids Click here

DL Booklet

For more information on the main Arborvitae products Click here

Online Training Module by iTherapeutics for Pharmacies only

Engage staff with this free Online Training Module run by iTherapeutics for a more detailed understanding of Arborvitae products, which is simple and effective.

Chemists and their staff not only benefit from quality, up to date product information, they are also rewarded along the way!

The iRewards program is designed to reward participants (your staff) for the education modules they complete. Here's a few of the rewards on offer:

  • Redeem your iRewards points for free movie tickets and/or eftpos cards
  • Win various prizes including – iPads, visa cards, fuel vouchers, movie tickets, eftpos cards and travel vouchers

The following is a link to the training module which is free of charge and may be of interest:

You may be required to register with iTherapeutics, which is also free of charge. Unfortunately, this is only available for Chemists.

Marketing Materials

We are happy to provide free of charge:

  • Posters (size A3 and A4)
  • DL Flyers
  • DL Booklets
  • Instruction Leaflets
  • T-shirts (of various sizes)
  • Balloons
  • Pull Up Banners
  • A-Frames
  • Empty bottles for display purposes

For more information click here

Compliance Statement

When making a claim about Arborvitae products in advertising, the following compliance statement should always be included:

“Always read the label and follow the directions for use”

A compliance statement is not required where there is only an image of the bottle and the price and details on where to purchase the product.

Social Media Images

Please find below a range of social media images that may be of assistance:

Clinical Study on Arborvitae Joint Health

A study was published in September 2020 on Arborvitae Joint Health showing very positive benefits in taking the supplement. The study results were entered into The Minerva Medical Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology.  The paper states as a summary conclusion:

“This registry indicates that Arborvitae Joint Health may be an effective supplementary management in controlling mild-moderate signs/symptoms associated with osteoarthritis (OA) in otherwise healthy subjects.”

Key results from the Arborvitae Joint Health study:

  • 66% decrease in pain test scores
  • 50% increase in walking distance without pain (100m increase)
  • 56% decrease in inflammation in blood tests (CRP)
  • 78% reduction in their use of on-demand medications
  • 50% improvement in quality-of-life scores

    More information including a copy of the published report can be found at Arborvitae Joint Health – Registry Study

    Requesting information

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