Arborvitae products manage a number of conditions, and may assist with joint health, pain relief, maintaining healthy blood glucose & cholesterol levels, immune system, cognitive function and eye health. See what some of our customer have to say below.
Hi, I am Doug and as I have said before to many people that I find this product Arborvitae is great at relieving joint pain, other benefits for me are, it helps with cholesterol, blood sugars and general health.

People think that one bottle they should be getting instant results, not so it takes a little time to take effect.

I recommend ARBORVITAE.

Regards Douglas (from Eurongilly)
Doug S
I have been using Arborvitae for quite a few months now and what a difference it has made to my life.

From being a virtual cripple with mild osteoarthritis that has got more sever, I now can move about with a relatively low level of pain.

Prior to using Arborvitae the pain level in both knees, both hips, lower back and upper chest was in the high 8’s or 9 out of 10.

Now by taking approximately 30 ml of Arborvitae Joint Health each morning, my level of pain would be no higher than 2 out of 10.

What a difference. I can now move about quite freely with a 4 wheely walker and even 1 walking stick if necessary.

I am not one who normally recommends so called “Miracle Cures” however Arborvitae Joint Health is not a miracle cure, it is a miracle wonder that has given me at 76 years old a completely new lease of life.

I can unreservedly recommend this product to anyone one who suffers from severe inflammation caused by mild arthritis.
I call Arborvitae my miracle juice. At the age of 47 I was diagnosed with mild osteo arthritis. I’ve tried various natural products over the years. At the age of 55 I was told by a surgeon I needed 2 new knees but was too young. My neck bones were fusing together, and my back and wrists were weak and painful. I love to dance, but if I danced, my knees would swell like up like balloon’s and I would be on crutches or a walking stick for a few months until it settled down. My husband had to do the supermarket shopping because a trip around the supermarket would lay me up for a week. We have a two story house and we put it on the market because I couldn’t handle the stairs. Luckily it didn’t sell at auction because around this time I found an Ad on Facebook for Arborvitae. My husband bought me a bottle and within a week the difference in me was nothing short of a miracle. I can shop, dance, go for 5km walks. All the issues have disappeared. I have been on Arborvitae for around 3 years and never felt better. Its funny, I had a text from the surgeon a few months back to let me know I am old enough at 62 to get the knee replacements. And now I don’t need them. It has been nothing short of fantastic and I can’t thank you enough.
Jules G
Good Day Lin,
My message for my path to be free of pain,

I am a Man aged 83, (April 1940).

My pain is caused by mild arthritis in all my joints and due to my active days when young playing Rugby League for the Dolphins in Redcliffe QLD and to my many years as a Carpenter/Builder/ Draftsman, more than 50 years Builders Licence ( QLD 0000827 ), retiring at 62 being incapable of any type of physical work and with the high level of joint pain.

Doctors had me on serious medications that barely assisted with my high pain level, these prescribed to me for over 10 years.

This was until end of July 2023 when by sheer luck I read an article in the Seniors Magazine regarding Arborvitae which took my interest in the story of what it is based from, now having tried ever so many other non working of medical treatments I decided to give this a punt and ordered my 2 first bottles which arrived in on or about 1st August 23.

After reading directions of practical measurements I started and to my amazement within one (1) week I could feel a relief from pain and to my amazement within the next 2 weeks all my pain had gone and I was pain free for the first time in probably 50 years.
It is such a delight to not have to use my wheely walker or my walking stick in my day-to-day activities thanks to Arborvitae.

I still have to use my stick occasionally when being more than normally active as the joints in my body are ruined by mild arthritis and have the effect of holding up movements slowing me down which is one of the conditions of this disease, but I still am pain free.

My Regards to all those good people in Arborvitae’

Robbie of Morayfield QLD
PSA. This has been a game changer for me. I’ve suffered with sore hands for years and I probably don’t have to tell all of you fellow cake makers how debilitating it can be. I’m sure most of us have the same problem.

Well a friend suggested I try this. It’s a natural supplement that you have one or two shot glasses of a day and it has a berry like flavour (quite nice in case your wondering). So the first bottle I wasn’t sure but I was told to wait till I finish the second bottle to feel the full effects. And yep! Omg!!! The pain all but disappears. It’s like a magic potion!

I’m not even stretching the truth. I can’t believe how well it has worked for me.

The only other issue is that it’s expensive! However, I can tell you it’s worth it for the relief. And a relief that isn’t usually met with any other pain killers I’ve tried. A lot of places also do deals that the more bottles you buy the cheaper it is.

I know this sounds like an advertisement but it’s not. It’s just a review from an appreciate person who finally found something that takes away the pain. Thanks Arborvitae you have literally saved my career.
Tracey from Allsorts Cakes, North Rocks



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