Australian-owned company tackles joint inflammation & pain


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When it comes to supplements and their effect on our health and wellbeing, we can understand why people are cynical.

However, Arborvitae’s range is backed by solid scientific research and a raft of clinical trials on its main ingredient Pycnogenol® (Maritime Pine Bark extract).

Pycnogenol is a pine bark extract that comes from Landes de Gscogne in France. It is one of nature’s most potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant botanicals. Over 40 years of research has been dedicated to this ingredient with 160+ clinical trials and 450+ scientific publications confirming its effectiveness and safety.   

A recent clinical study on participants with mild to moderate osteoarthritis in the knee has shown that after taking Arborvitae Joint Health for 12 weeks, there was a:

  • 66 per cent decrease in pain test scores
  • 50 per cent increase in walking distance without pain (100m increase)
  • 56 per cent decrease in inflammation in blood tests (CRP)
  • 78 per cent reduction in their use of on-demand medications
  • 50 per cent improvement in quality of life scores
The customer feedback we receive also demonstrates the product's efficacy and enables us to provide real examples of its success across a broad range of conditions when speaking with our customers,"

Mr. Howell, a Director at Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing


Our main product is Arborvitae Joint Health which helps to provide relief from the symptoms of mild to moderate arthritis, joint pain, inflammation, soreness and stiffness.

The other stars in the range are Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing Supplement for blood glucose, cholesterol and the immune system and Arborvitae Cognitive Function, Memory and Eye Health.

Mr Howell said the natural anti-inflammatory comes in an easy to take daily liquid supplement that has been designed to reset the immune system and bring down inflammation in the body quickly and efficiently. The inflammation reduction of 56 per cent at the cellular level is also confirmed by the CRP results in the clinical study (refer bullet points above). This result/reduction in inflammation alone is significant.

"Arborvitae does make a difference and that has been supported by a number of clinical trials of its main ingredient Pycnogenol (French Pine Bark extract) - across a broad range of conditions," he said.

Other ingredients include Aloe Vera, papain enzyme and honey.

Arborvitae manufactures its health supplements in Australia and sells these online via their website and in-store through more than 2000 chemists and health food stores across Australia.

"We enjoy seeing the results that Arborvitae is achieving, which has enabled many people to get their quality of life back," Mr Howell said.

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I have been using Arborvitae for quite a few months now and what a difference it has made to my life.
From being a virtual cripple with mild osteoarthritis that has got more sever, I now can move about with a relatively low level of pain.

Prior to using Arborvitae the pain level in both knees, both hips, lower back and upper chest was in the high 8's or 9 out of 10.

Now by taking approximately 30 ml of Arborvitae Joint Health each morning, my level of pain would be no higher than 2 out of 10.

What a difference. I can now move about quite freely with a 4 wheely walker and even 1 walking stick if necessary.

I am not one who normally recommends so called "Miracle Cures" however Arborvitae Joint Health is not a miracle cure, it is a miracle wonder that has given me at 76 years old a completely new lease of life.

I can unreservedly recommend this product to anyone one who suffers from severe inflammation caused by mild arthritis. "

Glenn Rampton, Quirindi, QLD