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article-square-pycnogenol-horphag-researchPycnogenol®, Arborvitae and Joint Health

Pycnogenol is the purest form of maritime pine bark extract available, and is the primary active ingredient in Arborvitae’s range of natural supplements.

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Joint Health – Research Abstract

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Clinical research suggests Pycnogenol provides significant benefits for individuals suffering from arthritis.

Our joints are subject to wear and tear and with increasing age the lining of joints, the cushioning cartilage, gradually degenerates. When cartilage has reached significant abrasion articular tissue will be affected and tissue trauma initiates a local inflammation. The consequence is a reduced flexibility of joints and predominantly pain. Inflammatory cells accelerate degeneration of joints by secreting reactive oxygen species (“oxidative burst”), pro-inflammatory cytokines and degenerative enzymes matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs). This process is paralleled by increasing pain which, left untreated, may reach excruciating levels.

Osteoarthritis is the leading medical condition for which people use alternative therapies. The primary goal is the relief from joint pain and stiffness and with time the restoration of mobility.

Pycnogenol potently inhibits inflammation in arthritis

The pharmacological activities of Pycnogenol in humans allow to address several pathologic processes of osteoarthritis simultaneously. Consumption of Pycnogenol was shown to inhibit the activation of the pro-inflammatory “master switch” NF-kB by 15.8% [Grimm et al., 2006]. The activated NF-kB protein commands the mobilization of essentially all proinflammatory molecules which play a destructive role in arthritis.

As a consequence of NF-kB inhibition immune cells of Pycnogenol consumers generate less MMP enzymes which are responsible for degenerating cartilage collagen in osteoarthritis [Grimm et al., 2006]. Pycnogenol® consumption was found to naturally inhibit COX-enzymes in humans, which are predominantly responsible for joint pain [Schäfer et al., 2006].

Other joint health benefits and insights covered in the report:

  • Pycnogenol lowers inflammatory marker CRP in osteoarthritis patients
  • Three clinical trials with Pycnogenol for osteoarthritis

Source: Horphag Research


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