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article-square-pycnogenol-horphag-researchPycnogenol®, Arborvitae and Eye Health

Pycnogenol is the purest form of maritime pine bark extract available, and is the primary active ingredient in Arborvitae’s range of natural supplements.

Click here to read the Horphag Research report explaining Pycnogenol’s eye health benefits.

Eye Health – Research Abstract

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Pycnogenol provides potent antioxidant protection against oxidative-stress related degenerative processes in the eyes, and Pycnogenol’s vascular benefits translate to considerable benefits for people suffering from retinopathy.

The natural ageing process affects the sharpness of vision, everyone experiences decreased accommodation of the lens to see clearly at near at higher age. Apart from the stiffening the lens will develop opacities and, furthermore, light sensing cones and rods may lose function with increasing age.

Pycnogenol provides potent antioxidant protection to the eyes

The eye is characterised by a unique aqueous-lipid phase barrier which requires water-soluble antioxidants for the aqueous phase such as the humour and lipophilic antioxidants, predominantly carotenoids, for the polyunsaturated fatty acid-rich retina. Pycnogenol was found to protect retinal lipids more potently than vitamin C, vitamin E, CoQ10, lipoic acid and grape seed extract [Chida et al., 1999].

Pycnogenol protects retinal capillaries 

Further to the integrity and functioning of light sensing cells the condition of the vascular system supporting the retina plays a pivotal role for healthy vision. Cardiovascular risk factors, predominantly hyperglycaemia, involve serious harm to retinal capillaries.

Other eye health benefits covered in the report:

  • Early exploratory studies for treatment of retinopathies with Pycnogenol
  • Study demonstrating decreased bleedings by fluorangiography
  • Pycnogenol improves visual acuity in early stage retinopathy

Source: Horphag Research

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