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Arborvitae natural Supplement Active Ingredients

the following tables provides a summary of active ingredients for each of our natural supplement formulations.

ProductPycnogenol (pinus pinaster)*Enzyme PapainSodium ChlorideAloe Vera**Procyanidins***Honey
Health & Wellbeing Supplement1.56g1.82mg2.4mg3mg300mg
Arthritis Pain Relief & Health Supplement1.56g1.82mg2.4mg3mg350mg
Cognitive Function, Memory and Health Supplement2.6g1.69mg2.4mg3mg300mg
Teenagers Immune Boost and Concentration Supplement2.6g1.69mg2.4mg3mg300mg
Arborvitae for Kids2.6g1.69mg2.4mg3mg300mg

*(Maritime pine) stem bark conc. ext. equiv. to dry
** Dried in. leaf juice equiv. to fresh juice
*** stand. to contain

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