eBay Sales Notice

July 30, 2019

Please note that we have not authorised any third parties to sell Arborvitae’s supplements on eBay and caution any customers considering the purchase of Arborvitae’s supplements on eBay from anyone else other than us. We will guarantee the delivery of Arborvitae bottles when a purchase is made from us but cannot guarantee any purchase made from third parties. We continue to work with eBay and the Police and will be monitoring this situation closely.

Over the last 3 months we have experienced a significant amount of fraudulent transactions stemming from eBay. The processes that some third-party fraudsters are using to sell Arborvitae’s supplements are complicated, involve the use of stolen credit cards and the taking of orders from customers without delivering any bottles. (Some customers have been attracted to the significant discounts that the eBay fraudsters have been offering).

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