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Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing Supplement is a daily supplement that through regular use, helps support healthy blood glucose, provide anti-inflammatory relief, and may assist in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and healthy cholesterol. This supplement may also support the health and function of the immune system and a healthy eye function.

Pack size: 1 Litre.

Why use?

Blood Glucose

Arborvitae’s Health and Wellbeing Supplement can assist to help support healthy blood glucose. The following symptoms may indicate a change in the way your body reacts to glucose:

  • Being overly or excessively thirsty.
  • Urinating more often than usual.
  • Feeling tired, and losing weight without trying.
  • Developing yeast or fungal infections.
  • Blurred vision
  • Possible numbness in fingers and toes.
  • Severely high levels of blood sugar may cause confusion or a coma.

If you have any of the above symptoms, please consult with your healthcare practitioner before taking Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing Supplement.

Cardiovascular & Cholesterol

Our cardiovascular system is made up of a pump (heart) and lots of pipes (arteries and veins). Our cardiovascular system delivers oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout our body and takes away wastes.

Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing Supplement may assist in maintaining healthy cholesterol and supporting cardiovascular health.

Immune System and Eye Care

Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing Supplement may support the health and function of the immune system and a healthy eye function.

The strength in Arborvitae’s products is its potent antioxidant activity and anti-inflammatory actions.

Arborvitae Quality Assurance

Arborvitae’s products are comprised of natural ingredients and we aim to produce a consistently high grade of supplement. From time to time, as a result of seasonal
changes, the natural ingredients we use and the batches produced by our manufacturers may differ slightly in taste and colour. All ingredients are tested
prior to manufacture and each finished batch is tested after manufacture and prior to being released for sale. Rest assured that the Arborvitae you receive is always of the highest quality.


Each mL of the Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing Supplement contains:

Pinus pinaster
(Maritime pine) stem bark conc. ext. equiv. to dry
Sodium Chloride
Aloe Vera
Dried in. leaf juice equiv. to fresh juice
stand. to contain
  in a base containing Honey


In healthy individuals, the supplement may help to support healthy blood glucose, cholesterol and cardiovascular health. This supplement may also support the health and function of the immune system and a healthy eye function.

If you are on other medication, please consult / advise your physician before starting to use this product. Do not make any changes to the recommended doses of your other medications without consulting your physician.

  • For existing conditions take 50mL morning and night.
  • For eye care conditions take a minimum dosage of 60mL per day.
  • For general wellbeing, take 30mL once a day.


  • Contains potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate
  • Sweetened with honey. Honey contains natural sugars.
  • Not suitable for infants under the age of twelve months
  • Generally not to be taken if on warfarin therapy, without medical advice.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.


If you have a pre existing conditions

If you have a pre existing condition, we suggest the following:

  • start by having a blood test
  • include markers for pro-inflammatory cytokines (bad guys)
  • anti-inflammatory cytokines (good guys)
  • anti-oxidant enzymes (good guys)
  • blood glucose level


After taking 50ml Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing Supplement morning and night, for 21 days, do the same blood test again. You will be surprised at the results.

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Always read the label and follow the direction for use.