Arborvitae is a potent natural anti-inflammatory

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Did you know that Arborvitae is a potent natural anti-inflammatory?
Did you know that Arborvitae is a potent natural antioxidant supplement?


Did you know that Arborvitae is a potent natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant supplement that is assisting many customers with a broad range of conditions associated with inflammation at the cellular level?

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is a process that protects the body from infection and foreign substances, such as bacteria and viruses.
As part of our inflammatory response, our body increases its production of white blood cells, immune cells and cytokines that help fight injury, disease or infection.

There are generally 2 types of Inflammation : Acute, short term and Chronic long term.

What are the 5 classic signs of acute inflammation?

There are five ‘cardinal’ signs that doctors use that characterise acute shorter term Inflammation:
Loss of function.


Chronic (long-term) inflammation can often occur inside your body without any noticeable symptoms, making it harder to detect and combat.
This type of chronic inflammation is what drives many illnesses like Diabetes, Heart disease, Fatty liver disease, many forms of Arthritis, IBD(Irritable Bowel Disease) Cognitive impairment and Cancer.

“Many cancers arise from sites of infection, chronic irritation and inflammation”

Happy Arborvitae Customers

  • Poppy at Mackay Qld

    “I have been using Arborvitae for nine weeks now, amazing supplement as I have rheumatoid and osteo arthritis. Taking Arborvitae has helped me emotionally and painful free. I no longer have medication I’m so grateful. I saw Mike Whitney on Facebook advertising this supplement. Arborvitae has done wonders for me. It’s also great for gout as I like having a few beers. I drink 30mls of Arborvitae everyday, cheers all thank you Arborvitae”

    Mackay Qld

  • Peter at Adaminaby

    “I have been using Arborvitae since June 2018. In under 3 weeks I began to notice a reduction in my pain levels (Documented in my twice daily Pain Diary). I have right side Cerebral Palsy (Osteo-arthritis) and have lived with pain throughout my adult life and prior to taking Arborvitae I was taking daily anti-inflammatory medication. I no longer take any other medication and have seen my pain levels drop to near “No Pain” as at November 2018. I am relieved, excited and most of all blessed to have found this product and to have got my life back, mobility wise. Now in my 50’s I have less pain than in my mid 20’s. THE INFLAMMATION IS GONE!”



Chronic inflammation can also occur or be exacerbated when people are obese or under continuous stress or anxiety
When inflammation is severe, it may cause additional signs and symptoms, including a general feeling of being unwell, sickness, fatigue, Joint pain and exhaustion

Arborvitae’s supplements contain natural plant extracts of French Maritime Pine Bark extract (Pycnogenol), enzyme Papain (from Papaya), Aloe Vera and honey
This unique formulation of natural ingredients is based on years of research into the impact of inflammation in the human body and provides a potent blend of:

  • natural potent anti-oxidants
  • natural anti-inflammatories and
  • natural immune building effects

Inflammation Joint Pain Illustration

What is Cellular Inflammation?

Cellular inflammation is an inflammatory process which occurs on a basic, cellular level. Inflammation is a normal process that occurs in the body and is designed, in acute situations, to aid in the healing of tissue.
However, when this inflammation becomes a chronic, every-day occurrence, the damage and death of cells can occur, which may lead to disease.

“Cellular inflammation is the type of inflammation that is below the perception of pain. What it does is disrupt hormonal signaling at the cellular levels that leads to increased fat accumulation, acceleration of the development of chronic disease, and decreased physical performance. You can’t feel cellular inflammation, but you can measure it.

Why does Cellular Inflammation occur?

In our modern society, the cells of the body are constantly bombarded with pro-inflammatory substances, such as free radicals, heavy metals, toxic waste, foreign substances and infection such as bacteria and viruses.
Inflammation is the process by which the cells of the body react to and deal with these foreign substances.
When we are day in and day out bombarded with these pro-inflammatory substances through diet, pollution, pesticides, contaminants in our food supply, using beauty, body care products and artificial fragrances, combined with ‘off gassing’ from particle board furniture, furnishings and carpets in our house, this can all perpetuate chronic cellular inflammation.

Oxidative Stress Cell Cycle

Oxidative Stress Cell Cycle

What is an antioxidant?

Antioxidants do this by giving electrons to molecules like free radicals and neutralising them
There are many substances in our food that are antioxidants.
We know that if your diet contains naturally occurring antioxidant compounds (like pycnogenol, turmeric, Omega- 3’s, leafy greens, blueberries), that this can help stabilise those highly reactive, potentially harmful molecules like free radicals.

“Free radicals are generated during normal cellular metabolism and result from the metabolism of certain drugs or xenobiotics
Exposure to UV light, cigarette smoke, and other environmental pollutants also increases the body’s free radical burden.
The ability of antioxidants to destroy free radicals protects the structural integrity of cells and tissues. … Supplementation with the antioxidant vitamins also protected immune responses in individuals exposed to certain environmental sources of free radicals.”

How can taking Arborvitae help me?

Arborvitae’s daily liquid supplement contains Pycnogenol and studies show that it can assist with inflammatory diseases.

A study published in International Immunopharmacology, reveals why Pycnogenol® (pic-noj-en-all), an antioxidant plant extract from the bark of the French maritime pine tree, is effective for reducing inflammation and soothing pain associated with various health problems.
Dr. Raffaella Canali of the National Research Institute on Food and Nutrition in Rome, Italy, found that Pycnogenol® inhibits the generation of COX-2 and 5-LOX, two naturally occurring enzymes associated with a host of inflammatory conditions.

“This study reveals that Pycnogenol can actually decrease pain and reduce inflammatory conditions, as has been previously reported, by shutting down the production of specific enzymes involved with inflammation,” said Dr. Canali”

Arborvitae Joint Health Supplement

Arborvitae Joint Health

Arborvitae Joint Health

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Pycnogenol®, the primary active ingredient in Arborvitae, can improve your health.
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*Pycnogenol®, the primary active ingredient in Arborvitae,
**Research shows Pycnogenol and its unique properties can help improve joint health at all ages.
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